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The Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) said, "None of you will have faith till he wishes for his (Muslim) brother what he likes for himself."(Bukhari and Muslim)


Prayer Timing
FAJAR 6:15 am
ZUHAR 1:00 pm
ASAR 4:15 pm
MAGRIB 5: 45 pm Approx
ISHA 7:45 pm
JUMMAH 1:00 & 1:30 pm


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Making a Donation

As a Registered Charity Iqra Learning Centre relies on the generousity and good will of the muslim community both locally as well as across the United Kingdom. After an initial purchase of premises the Centre managed to convert these former shops to a suitable place for youngsters to be given Quranic tuition as well as regular holding of congregational Salat prayers. In the past many local children would miss out on Islamic Tuition due to long distances to main mosques and Islamic centres in other parts of the city. To continue to improve the range of services and facilities available from the Centre, a longer term plan has been drawn up. Of course raising additional funds by way of donations both locally and nationally is crucial if these plans are to materialise into actions.

Donation Methods

There are numbers of ways available to make a donation;

  • Pay online with a Credit Card : This is a fast and easy way for you to make an immediate donation to Iqra. Your Credit Card will be processed via Paypal who are our secure payment processors.

  • Pay by Cheque : Cheques to be made payable to Iqra Learning Centre and posted to Iqra Learning Centre, 180-182 Allesley Old Road, Coventry, CV5 8GJ.
  • Bank Transfer: To make payments via your bank account or set-up a regular Direct debit please call Mr Tahir Iqbal (Treasurer) on Tel 024 7671 2553 (Coventry).

Iqra Qarz-e-Hasna Scheme

For muslim brothers and sisters concerned about putting their savings into a riba / interest based bank account, we have a Qarz-e-Hasna Scheme. Under this scheme Iqra Learning Centre will accept interest free temporary contributions. Should your circumstances change at any time contributions under this scheme can be refunded at short notice. The Iqra Qarz-e-Hasna Scheme maintains a pool of reserve cash for meeting such repayment demands.